EDF Luminus publishes its third sustainability report

Monday, July 6, 2015 — The third sustainability report of EDF Luminus is online. This report indicates which place sustainable development occupies in the business strategy with investments in renewable energy and new services of nearly € 100 million, enabling all types of customers to better manage their energy consumption.

The EDF Luminus sustainability report provides a detailed and commented overview of the company’s highlights and three-year results in the ethical, commercial, financial, environmental and social field.


The principal highlights (besides those already published elsewhere) are:

  • the company’s carbon footprint has decreased thanks to the mild winter and the increase in electricity volumes purchased from autoproducers of so-called “green” electricity;
  • the percentage of recycled industrial waste rose to 96% in 2014;
  • we maintain the highest level of quality in the provision of services to our customers throughout the year in accordance with the indicator of the Flemish regulator;
  • the overall severity of occupational accidents has decreased (0.12 instead of 0.14);
  • taxes and contributions remain high (nearly 5 x the net result).

EDF Luminus has received a gold rating for its performance with respect to corporate social responsibility, and now ranks among the top 11% of 20,000 companies from all sectors assessed by Ecovadis.


Like every year, the report can be consulted online on www.edfluminus.be. A version printed on recycled, certified CO2-compensated paper can be obtained upon request from csr@edfluminus.be.


EDF Luminus has received a gold rating for its performance with respect to corporate social responsibility.

EDF Luminus a obtenu un « rating gold » pour ses performances CSR.

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