EDF Luminus monitors energy consumption in 54 GO! flemish community education schools

EDF Luminus monitors energy consumption in 54 GO! flemish community education schools

Friday, May 13, 2016 — EDF Luminus installs a telemetry system in 54 GO! Flemish Community Education schools. By installing telemeters on electricity supplies, GO! wants to reduce sleep mode and other types of energy consumption in their schools.


Telemetry is a process by which energy consumption is closely monitored (values at the quarter instead of a yearly measurement) and consumption data are automatically analysed. This ensures more (correct) energy consumption data. The telemeters are installed by ATS, a subsidiary of EDF Luminus.

Energy consumption follow-up

Thanks to real-time indication of energy consumption, the amount of energy consumed is visible at any moment (day or night) and standby power and abnormal energy consumption can be detected faster.

Luc Van Gasse, Managing Director of the Rivierenland Group of Schools: “Telemeters help us reduce waste of energy and identify the causes. Furthermore, we get a better overview of energy consumption so as to establish priorities in terms of future investments. That is why it is fully in line with our RUE policy (rational use of energy). The fact that the central services of GO! act as co-financers emphasises the importance of the telemetry project for the GO! schools.”

2013-2020 Flemish Climate Policy Plan

Grégoire Dallemagne: “EDF Luminus gladly puts its expertise at the disposal of Flemish Community Education (GO!) to help 54 schools reduce their energy consumption. This initiative also makes a positive contribution to the 2013-2020 Flemish Climate Policy Plan.”


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