EDF Luminus installs 4 electric vehicle charging stations at Corda Campus in Hasselt

EDF Luminus installs 4 electric vehicle charging stations at Corda Campus in Hasselt

Thursday, December 17, 2015 — EDF Luminus installs 4 quick charging stations for electric vehicles at Corda Campus, the former Philips site and innovative technology campus in Hasselt where over 2,500 people – including 400 EDF Luminus employees – work in 85 companies on a daily basis. With these charging stations, EDF Luminus and Corda Campus aim to promote sustainable mobility.


Sustainable and smart

EDF Luminus provides the charging stations with 100% green electricity and connects them to the solar panels located on top of the Corda 5 building. This way, locally generated power is used as much as possible. The charging stations have been installed on 2 locations at Corda Campus, namely in the immediate vicinity of the Corda 1 and Corda 5 buildings. A total of 8 electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously.

Easy access by means of the EDF Luminus charging card

Visitors and residents of Corda Campus can obtain a free charging card at the Corda 1 and Corda 5 reception desks which they can use to charge their vehicle. The new charging service will first be provided free of charge by EDF Luminus to familiarise visitors and residents with this new service. The service will become payable at a later stage.

2020 Objectives

Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of EDF Luminus: “EDF Luminus takes pride in its grassroots community engagement and therefore gladly puts its expertise at the disposal of Corda Campus. Moreover, this project fits in with the social responsibility of EDF Luminus. After all, this initiative helps to reach the European directive regarding the rollout of infrastructure for cleaner fuels by 2020.”