EDF Luminus and Anderlechtse Haard sign the first multisite energy efficiency agreement in Belgium

Joint press release

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — EDF Luminus and Anderlechtse Haard have today announced their cooperation to improve the energy efficiency of Anderlechtse Haard’s social housing.

First multisite energy efficiency agreement in Belgium

Anderlechtse Haard is one of the largest social housing companies of the Brussels Capital Region in terms of the number of houses. The company owns over 3,700 social houses in the municipality of Anderlecht and manages about 400 individual houses as well as large blocks from the seventies. The multisite energy efficiency agreement – the first of its kind in Belgium – includes the full renovation of 15 boiler houses, and more specifically 31 boilers, 6 cogeneration units, 15 new heat management systems and 4 photovoltaic systems. EDF Luminus will also create the adequate structure to maintain the installations and to ensure the energy efficiency of all buildings in the long term.  From now on, Anderlechtse Haard will have new heat and electricity generation units, and EDF Luminus will take care of the maintenance of all installations of the social housing company. Thanks to this agreement, Anderlechtse Haard will be able to save 266 k€ on its energy bill.

Lower energy bill and smaller ecological footprint

Anderlechtse Haard is aware that the cost of living is increasing and therefore wants to keep the rental prices at an affordable level and reduce the rental costs. Thanks to this cooperation within the scope of the housing company’s ambition to increase the quality of its houses, the overall energy bill will go down and the residents of the social houses involved can be stimulated to reduce their ecological footprint by means of concrete, innovative and sustainable tips. Bruno Lahousse, Managing Director of Anderlechtse Haard: “On the basis of its long-term strategy, Anderlechtse Haard wants to enter into agreements with contractors on the basis of joint management and competitive co-financing. By realising such innovative agreements, we make sure that we can keep on letting social houses at an affordable price, in the interest of the tenants.”

First energy partner

EDF Luminus acts as a third-party investor and service provider, together with its subsidiaries Dauvister, Vanparijs Engineers and ATS. The energy efficiency agreement falls within the strategy of expanding the energy services for institutional customers and public authorities (B2B), more specifically in terms of the development of the energy efficiency activities. Therefore, this cooperation actively contributes to the realisation of EDF Luminus' ambition to become the first energy partner of residential customers as well as public authorities and business and institutional customers. Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of EDF Luminus: “EDF Luminus undertakes to reduce Anderlechtse Haard's energy use by investing in high-performing equipment and by guaranteeing the optimal maintenance of this equipment. We are pleased that the energy costs of the social houses and the ecological footprint of the residents will decrease while their comfort will increase."


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Nico De Bie Head of External Communication at EDF Luminus